Water Safety

Hawaii’s oceans and waves are powerful and can be very dangerous due to high wind, swells and rip currents. When the surf is big don’t walk out onto rocks. Don’t wade in or stand at the water’s edge. Always keep an eye on young children near on in the water.

If you’re caught in a rip current: Don’t fight the current. Swim out if you have to and sideways of the current and back to shore. If you can’t escape, don’t panic float, tread water, shout and wave for help.

If the ocean is rough, use caution and only go out where lifeguards are nearby and when in doubt, don’t go out. 

The North and West Shores can have large surf during months of Sept. – May. 

The South Shores can experience large surf during the months of May – Sept.

The East Shore can be impacted by high surf during times of strong winds or an occasional storm surf, which can happen any time of the year.

Rivers and streams are affected by storms with heavy rains and flash flooding upstream and can be very dangerous during those times. Please do not attempt to cross a flooding stream, instead wait for the waters to subside.

For more info visit Hawaiian Lifeguard Association @


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