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Kauai Coupon Book Advertisers Testimonials

I wanted to give you guys a heads-up that the coupon book is a hit! We get many in everyday. Mahalo,

Juli Lester, Owner, Just Live Zip Line

I wanted to give you guys a heads-up that the coupon book is a hit! We get many in everyday. Mahalo!

Wendy Sueoka, Sueoka’s Market

We get 3-5 that come back in every single day.  We already are thinking of what offer we want to run with you next time!

Nelson Rita, The Shrimp Station

It is our #1 coupon we run by far……5 to 1 against all the others, including Spotlight, Kauai Gold. The others don’t even come close.  In one day we once got 40 coupons from it. It works extremely well!”

Kirk, Grinds Cafe

We get 5-7 coupons daily.  I’m amazed!  And it’s not just a coffee and Danish, these people are really ordering up and spending money.

Fred Atkins, Owner, Kauai Plantation Railway

At first I was hesitant to purchase an ad in a new publication during the midst of a recession. But, now I am so glad I did because we have had a tremendous response in bringing new business our way. I feel it has been a big success. Great idea, congratulations!

Pepe Trask, General Manager, Kauai Plantation Railway

We get lots of response and it’s a great way to get new customers and to make them happy with a discount from us.

Kenny Ishi, Ono Family Restaurant

We are very happy with the response. We get more and more everyday.

Mary Lou Mendes, Kauai Plantation Store, Bodacious Plus Size Apparel, Bodacious Petite thru Plus, Jungle Rain, Nakoa Surf Company, and Golden Nugget

We’re running an Ad in KCB for all our six stores and we very happy with the results. We seem to always get 6-7 Coupons daily in each store and it’s easy to keep track of. I’ve highly recommended KCB to friends and associates that are also in need of advertising….  It’s a great choice.

Camille Kostelecki, The Root, Woman’s Clothing

I am very happy with the response from my coupon and feel it has brought in many new customers resulting in lots of sales.

Bobby Valenti, Owner, Bobby V’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

I am extremely pleased with our coupon response in KCB. We consistently get 2-4 a night, sometimes more. It’s easy to track as we attach the coupons to the sales slip. We dropped all other print advertising except for KCB, because I know it works.

Wade, General Manager, Kauai Mini Golf

We ran a mini golf offer for one issue and were astounded by the results. We received an average of about 200 responses per month.

Darla Domingo, Kauai Coffee

We have experienced good response from our Coupon Book ad and are happy with the way it is working.

Jane Sullivan, Ono Ono Shave Ice

We are super happy with the great results from KCB. We average 2 responses per day. Thank you!

Bill Robertson, Princeville Botanical Gardens

We track all our ads and are very picky about where we advertise. KCB constantly out-pulls any competition.

Liana Gregg, Holo Holo Charters

We are very happy with the response from our ad in the Coupon Book and know it has been effective in getting us many bookings.

Robin, General Manager, Silver Falls Ranch

After careful consideration we decided to place a coupon in the Kauai Coupon Book; we’ve been very pleased with the results. Coupons began coming in the very first month and the response has continued to increase. Our coupon in the Kauai Coupon Book has been a good tool for improving direct sales. Mahalo!

Lance Keener, Ohana Fishing Charters

We are very happy with the great response we get from the KCB. It’s the only advertising we have placed that works. The direct response is the best, because we do not have to pay the desks to book us.

Michael Pierce, Chicken In A Barrel BBQ

We are very pleased with the response we get from our ad in the coupon book! We get coupons daily from it which makes it really easy to track. In fact, this next issue we are going up to a full page ad!

Mahia Matsuyoshi, Na Pali Explorer

We love the e-mail link feature from KCB web site and get about 3 per day from it. KCB is one of the best advertising sources we have ever used.

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